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In today’s high-powered world, people frequently find themselves pulled in many different directions. As they try to balance the demands of careers and family life, they are too often left with a feeling of imbalance, a feeling that can manifest in both physical and emotional stress. To reclaim their equilibrium and find relief, more and more people are turning to qigong, a low-impact, time efficient daily practice of gentle exercise.

Developed and enriched over two thousand years by monks and by doctors, byTaoists and by Buddhist, qigong is a gentle therapeutic exercise, both curative and preventive, based on the ancient system of acupuncture meridians. Qigong offers techniques for improving breath control and mental concentration, releasing stress through self-administered massage and acupressure on acupuncture points. Through regular practice of qigong, we are able to prevent or dissolve blockages of energy, improve blood circulation, reinforce the immune system and re-establish emotion equilibrium.

Valuable for all ages, Qigong for Everybody provides a system both preventive and curative to maintain the sense of wellbeing that we all deserve.


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